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Downloads Gas Volume Monitor

Gas Volume Monitor english (PDF, 152 KB)
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Gas Volume Monitor:
Swiss Television DRS 1 – "Kassensturz"
from 19-Mar-2013:
english (PDF, 90 KB) Swiss Television DRS 1
Application Example
Suisse Cheese (Emmentaler) and
Semi-Hard Cheese (Tilsit Type)
(with kind permission of
Agroscope Liebefeld Posieux ALP, Bern, CH)
Dynamic Measurement of Carbon
Dioxide Diffusion of Cheese and Eye Formation.
Bisig, W., von Ah, U., Guggisberg, D.,
Fröhlich-Wyder, M.-T., Wechsler, D.

In: Cheese Ripening & Technology Symposium.
Ed. IDF, Madison / Wisconsin.May, 21-24, 2012, 1-1
(Download PDF 260 KB)
Application Example
Baking-Ferment (Sekowa)
english (PDF, 260 KB)
Application Example
Baker's Yeast (DHW)
english (PDF, 200 KB)
Presentation VH Berlin
Internat. Yeast Conference 2009
Presentation (PDF, 448 KB)  
FAST-QA – Efficiency and Security
in Yeast Quality Assurance
Internat. Yeast Conference Vienna, 2010
Poster (PDF, 264 KB)  
Wenzel, C., S. Irmler, W. Bisig, D. Guggisberg,
A. Roetschi, R. Portmann, D. Wechsler and
M.-T. Fröhlich-Wyder (2018).
"The effect of starters with a functional
arginine deiminase pathway on cheese
ripening and quality."
International Dairy Journal 85: 191-200
Link to abstract
Measurement of CO² from metabolic activity
of adjunct cultures during cheese ripening.
In: the ninth cheese symposium. 12th and 13th november,
Hrsg. Teagasc, Cork Ireland. 2014, 1.
Poster (PDF, 260 KB, english)
Pattern of Gas Formation from diverse Sourdoughs
1st International SOURDOUGH SUMMIT by Richemont,
Lucerne Switzerland, 09 May 2019
Poster (PDF, 1.1 MB)
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